Final call for theory topics and questions
Comparative Analysis drafts

Topics for M 12/2

Here are, belatedly, some topics for our discussion of X2. Feel free to comment.

  • Which characters embody mutation as marginalization?
  • Which can “pass”?
  • How does the film in particular show mutation as a metaphor for gayness/queerness?
  • How does Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) embody mutation as queerness?
  • Brian Cox as William Stryker - how does he embody prejudice against mutants?
  • How does the film show de-humanization of mutants?
  • Logan (Wolverine/Hugh Jackman) - how doe he embody the dehumanization of mutants?
  • How do mutant “powers” complicated the idea of mutants as marginalized? How does Magneto, in particular, (Ian McKellen) embody that complication? Which of the “good mutants” also embody this complication?


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Ray Barton

I really enjoy how this film shows mutants as a metaphor for people of the lgbt community. The director seamlessly took the conversations a person of the queer community would have with their parents if they were to “come out” as a mutant like the children after the school gets raided. They handled how some mutants pass versus not pass much like those who pass in the queer community which makes this film a perfect metaphor of the experience of someone within the lgbt community.

mak york

The film shows metaphors for being gay/queer in moments like when Iceman "comes out" to his parents as a mutant. His parents are trying to act accepting of their son but they still don't want to believe the fact that their son is different. They go as far as asking "Have you tried not being a mutant?" Which is something parents might ask their gay son/daughter. "Have you tried not being gay?"

Taylor Seufferheld

I think mutants can cause a problem with how we think of marginalization because I think most people wish they had some sort of super power. Magneto uses his power to advance mutants in society because he thinks he is superior to non-mutants. Meanwhile Xavier uses his power and knowledge to help younger mutants learn to control and not abuse their power because he feels like mutants have a responsibility to safe guard those who are in trouble.

Sadee McClendon

I think mutant powers complicates the idea of mutants as marginalization because they are feared based on their differences but some mutants are feared because they are dangerous. Mutants are stronger and have an ability that humans don’t have and they could use that to their advantage if they wanted. The scene were Pyro, Wolverine, Rogue, and Iceman were being confronted by the police is a good example of this because Pyro uses his dangerous powers against the police and could easily kill/injure them all.

Myah Christensen

I think the idea of mutants being marginalized links how people in the LGTBQ+ community are marginalized for being "different" than everyone else in society. The film shows the dehumanization of mutants by constantly expressing that they are different than them and they are not welcome in society.

Austin W Woodall

The director was able to transition the experience of LGBT individuals to the mutants of x-men. They are ashamed and try to hide what they are. Being different is a bad thing and this makes a great alternative way of showing that story.

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